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Few adventures happen without leaving some traces in the sands of time and few ages pass without the presence of custodians of history who chronicle the most important events of the era. As such, consider these entries as excerpts from historical works that are either considered by the majority of people to be common knowledge or are explored subjects.

Date: 1478 CA. Dawn of the Age of Smoke and Sails.


A terrible fate awaits the adventurer who tracks little of his comings and goings, and obligations..

Log of Events and Obligations

Encyclopedia Imoethica

From these dusty pages you may glean some knowledge on the nature of our World and the people and races that dwell within it.

Customs and Laws
The Three Powers in the Modern Age
Noble Houses, Great and Small
Holidays and Festivals
The Calendar
Orders and The Faithful Today
The Four Kingdoms
Talisian Republics
Kingdoms of the North
Sorcery and Magic
The Waning
Cultures of Imoeth

Volti di Imoethia

Though old and worn, this comprehensive tome contains much knowledge about the people one may find throughout the world of Imoeth.


Bok av Befälhavaren Sjöman

Written by the famous scholar Erik Tyrsson, this ponderous tome of collected maps and descriptions is a useful guide for any traveller who wishes to travel upon the sea.

The World
The Kingdoms
The Planes

La Chronique de Imoeth and Istoriya

Two of the most prized historical tomes, these heavy books detail the history of Imoeth from it’s humble beginnings to the modern era. Still updated to this day, they are an invaluable resource for studying the timeline of Imoeth

The Dark Ages
The Early Era
The Age of Heroes
The Time of Kings and Men
The Golden Age
The Waining Years
Modern Era

The Old Myths and Legends

A small, leather-bound tome written by Edwyn MacEoirn, it collects the myths and legends of the people of Imoeth, which offer a great insight into the beliefs of old and a great entertainment for children.

Folk Tales
Other Lore

Götter, Göttinnen und die Teufel

Lined in iron, this book is one of the few produced by Klaus Hardt from the Wohlsland before his unfortunate demise, and contains a detailed of list of all the widely-known Gods and Goddesses after the Waining Years.


For the Players

This section contains information important to being able to play in the world of Imoeth during the timeline of “Of Smoke and Sails”, which begins in 1478.

Equipment rework
Troop lists
Allowed books

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